Middleport Mayor discusses zoning in the village

Recently the Middleport zoning commission met to consider a proposed zoning change from residential to commercial as requested by Billy Goble. Mr. Goble had purchased the property and desired to locate his auction business on that piece of land.

As with any other residential area in town, residents in the area do have a voice in what is going to be built in their neighbor, whether it be an auction house or a pool room. Middleport has been zoned since 1965 in order to protect residents in the community. Without these zoning laws any type of business could be built and operated beside your home.

This meeting was attended by many residents of that neighborhood who voiced their objections to the lots in the middle of their neighborhood being changed to commercial zoning, which would allow businesses to be built in the area. I feel that most residents of a residential neighborhood would feel the same way if businesses were permitted to be built in their neighborhood.

The businesses which Mr. Goble referred to are on No. Second Ave. in the business area of the community. Mr. Goble’s property is between No. Third and No. Fourth and is a neighborhood of houses and one church.

Mr. Goble did a great job in cleaning up the property which had been vacant for many years and deteriorated as are so many places in small communities in the area. I appreciate his efforts in cleaning up the property but it is still a residential area.

Zoning laws are made to help protect the residents of the community and to give residents a voice in what happens in their neighborhood. Most people in Middleport know this and respect the rights of residents of a neighborhood.

I stated at the meeting that I felt Mr. Goble would be a good neighbor but that does not mean that someone in the future might not be so good and the property would be commercial at that point with less restrictions.

Submitted by Middleport Mayor Fred Hoffman.