Letter to the Editor: Reader takes issue with response to letter

Reader takes issue with response to letter

Readers of The Daily Sentinel were treated this week to a misleading refutation of a Letter to the Editor I submitted. I claimed that Republican candidate for Auditor of State Keith Faber made disingenuous statements about his record as a State Senator when he spoke in Meigs County recently. These statements are supported by an investigation by the nonpartisan League of Women Voters. They are fact.

No matter how hard Daniel Lantz tries to undermine fact or personally ridicule me, the truth about Keith Faber’s record will remain the same. We must hold people of power accountable for their actions. Keith Faber should be held accountable for his role in gerrymandering the state in 2011, especially because he now wants to be Auditor. The Auditor will serve on the Redistricting Commission and will redraw legislative maps in 2021

We cannot allow our state to be gerrymandered again, or else Ohioans will continue to lose faith in their government. It is past time for Republicans to put their country over their political party. The health of our democracy is more important than any political party.

Karen Williams,


Reader takes issue with response to letter