Meigs archers place 2nd in world

By Lindsay Kriz - [email protected]

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — The Marauders Archers recently returned from the 2015 National Archery in the Schools Program World Tournament in Nashville. Meigs Intermediate and Middle School students competed against children from around the country and world, including from South Africa, Canada and United Kingdom.

Meigs Intermediate students who were in Team One for the 2015 NASP IBO 3D Challenge came in second place out of 25 teams, with a score of 1,308. Team Two received 1,203 points and came in 17th place out of 25 teams. There were 340 elementary archers at the event, which is tiered, so not every archer goes, Dan Thomas, head Meigs Intermediate School coach and Meigs archery coordinator, said.

Total archers for the 3D shoot, including middle school shooters, was 1,139.

The total points for elementary bullseye shooters was 1,518, with a total of 4,871 participants for the bullseye shooting.

The middle school 3D team had a score of 1,374, which put them in seventh place out of 39 teams. The total middle school archers was 442 for 3D, with a total of 1,139.

The bullseye regular score for the middle school was 3,256 and the team placed 13th out of 90 teams. The total number for middle school archers was 2,060, with all archers participating in bullseye totaling 4,871 total participants.

“This is the best the world has to offer,” Thomas said.

The Team One elementary school students who came in second in the world are Jessica Workman, Emalie Willis, Shelbe Cochran, Presleigh Colwell, Brian Balch, Faith Hajivandi, Jadyn Floyd, Tucker Davis, Zachary King, DJ Bates, Jeremiah Sims and Katy Cox.

The other elementary school students who participated are Devon Hubbard, Natalie Davis, Joey Young, Paul Pennington, Nathan Pierce, Chloe Runyon, Collin Roush, Mycah Farley, Shelby Hudnall and Kailey Leib.

The middle school participants are Taylor Bass, Jakota Butcher, Marjorie Chapman, Kassandra Coleman, Caitlin Cotterill, Joey Cotterill, Cory Cox, Landon Davis, Renea Doczi, Josie Donohue, Brayden Ervin, Hannah Fortner, Aleya Huffman, Kristi McKnight, Wyatt Nicholson, Trenton Peacock, Caroline Roush, Easter Swain and Josh Wilson.

The Meigs County coaches in attendance were Dan Thomas, head Meigs Intermediate School Coach/Meigs archery coordinator, B.J. Nicholson, head Meigs Middle School coach, Jodie Nicholson, Rodney Butcher, Mindy Butcher, Sherman Birtcher, Linda Chapman, Raymond Cotterill, Carlos McKnight, Moe Hajivandi, Jay Swain and Robin Swain. Unable to attend the tournament was coach Mike Mayer.

“I’m very proud of all of our archers for their efforts in competition and not only that, but how they conducted themselves to represent Meigs Local and Ohio and the United States, really, since we represented everybody, but especially as students they were good kids,” Thomas said.

He also thanked the team’s sponsors, the school administration and Board of Education, and family and friends who supported the team.

“If it weren’t for their help and support, we wouldn’t have been able to go and experience the world tournament,” he said. “We are so thankful that we even had the opportunity to do something so special. We’re working our way up.”

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By Lindsay Kriz

[email protected]