Abbyshire Place employee tested COVID-19 positive; No cases reported among residents

No cases reported among residents

By Dean Wright -

GALLIPOLIS — The Abbyshire Place Skilled Nursing and Rehab Center released a statement Friday addressing concerns with a staff member who had previously tested positive for COVID-19.

After being contacted by Ohio Valley Publishing with questions regarding the incident, Abbyshire Place Administrator Jeremy Long responded via email.

What follows is Long’s response:

“At this time, we have unfortunately had a positive case reported for a staff member only. Of our staff members, only 1 case has been confirmed. All staff members have cleared the “window of exposure,” given by the health department. Additionally, the confirmed staff member worked out of a separate building from the nursing care facility and was not in a position providing direct patient care. Due to the combined efforts of Abbyshire Place staff and the Gallia County Health Department, we are happy to announce that at this time, NONE OF OUR RESIDENTS HAVE A CONFIRMED CASE AND NO ADDITIONAL STAFF HAVE BEEN NOTED!

When we first received notice of a potential issue, we reacted immediately and followed ODH and CDC guidelines to limit exposure and risk as best we could. We contacted the Ohio Department of Health (“ODH”) and Gallia County Health department and followed their guidance as well as the guidance of the CDC and other pertinent governmental regulation. Due to privacy regulations, we cannot share more specific details. We do want to thank our staff for their continued dedication and compassion. We also want to thank our families and patients for their support during these trying times. We understand the difficult position this puts our loved ones and their families in. We ask that our families stay safe and stay in contact as we continue to provide quality care to our residents.”

Abbyshire Place administration also noted that two COVID-19 tests of staff members that were previously pending had been counted by the state and connected to the facility earlier in the week. Those tests have since returned negative for COVID-19 and the facility has no further suspected cases as of this time.

The Gallia Health Department’s COVID-19 statistics posted on its Facebook page Friday state that Gallia has had six cases of COVID-19 since the virus was first noted in the region. Five of those cases were confirmed and one was probable. One case resulted in the death of a Gallia resident. One Gallia resident has also recovered from the virus. Two are currently hospitalized due to issues with the virus and two are isolated at home.

A Gallia Health Department official noted that the staff member of Abbyshire Place who tested positive for COVID-19 was not a Gallia resident. That individual’s home county has included the person in his or her home county COVID-19 count already and is not recorded in Gallia’s case count.

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No cases reported among residents

By Dean Wright