Meigs County Election Results

Tuesday’s general election saw a 42 percent voter turnout

By Lorna Hart -

Lindsay Kriz|Daily Sentinel

Voters across the county saw many issues on the ballot. Pictured are Middleport voters marking their ballot. Lindsay Kriz|Daily Sentinel

POMEROY — Meigs County election results were held yesterday evening due to an injunction, requested by ResponsibleOhio, to extend voting hours in Hamilton County due to problems with eballots when the polls opened.

Ohio Secretary of State John Husted contacted all 88 counties in Ohio and instructed them to withhold election results until after 9 p.m. when the polls closed in Hamilton County.

Becky Johnson, director of the Meigs County Board of Elections, received the message shortly after 7 p.m. and held the county’s results until she received a go ahead from the Secretary of State’s office to release the results.

Unofficial results were posted around 9:20 p.m. as a result. With 100 percent of the 27 precincts counted, there were 14,507 registered voters and 6,137 ballots cast, placing voter turn out in the county at 42.30 percent.

With three state issues on the ballot, State Issue 1, Redistricting, passed in Meigs County by a vote of 3,312 to 2,208. State Issue 2, Prohibit Marijuana Monopoly, received 3,013 votes in favor of passage and 2,712 opposing votes. Controversial State Issue 3, Marijuana Legalization, was soundly defeated, with 4,172 no votes and 1,866 yes votes.

The Meigs County General Health District Levy was defeated with a vote of in favor of the levy 2,727 and 3,161 against the levy’s passage.

Former Middleport Village Mayor Sandy Iannarelli pulled off a successful write-in campaign against incumbent Mayor Mike Gerlach. When the votes were tallied, Iannarelli had 341 to Gerlach’s 236.

With two positions open on the Middleport Village Council, results showed George A. Hoffman with 317, Shawn A. Rice with 275, Roger L. Manley, Sr with. 236 and James R. Buskirk with 235, making Hoffman and Rice the winners of the council positions.

Pomeroy Village will have a new mayor, as current Mayor Jackie Welker did not run in this elections, leaving the race between Bryan Shank and Victor Young III. Shank was the declared the winner with a vote of 260 to 123.

Pomeroy Village Council will continue to see Ruth Spaun and Maureen Hennessy as council members,, with results showing Ruth Spaun with 210, Maureen Hennessy with 178, Brenda Barnhart with 156 and Donald A. May with 84 votes.

Current Racine Village Mayor Julian Scott Hill, who ran uncontested, received 194 votes. Chad Hubbard will be the new Racine Village Council member, receiving 168 votes to opponent Jeffrey R. Morris’ 73. A levy for Racine Village Current Expenses passed with 149 for and 56 opposed.

An unnamed write-in candidate for Rutland Village Mayor received 32 votes and Tyler M. Eblin, who ran unopposed for Rutland Village Council, received 96. Also on the ballot was a levy for Rutland Village Current Expenses, which passed by a vote of 92 to 42 and for Rutland Village Police, also passing with a vote of 91 to 47.

Eric D. Cunningham, current Syracuse Village mayor, ran unopposed and received 196 votes. Rhonda R. Rathburn received 138 votes to Wendy Egan’s 127 votes for Syracuse Village Council. Syracuse Village Fire levy passed with votes of 143 in favor and 101 against.

In races for local school board positions, one position for Alexander Local School District Board of Education member saw John Hutchison as the winner with 197 votes, followed by Patrick L. Lawson with 172 and Ralph Harvey, Sr. with 61.

Eastern Local School District Board of Education had one member position, with Brandon M. Buckley with 793 votes, Floyd D. Ridenour with 791 and Michael Adam Will with 698.

Results for Meigs Local School District Board of Education member position to be filled saw the following results; Roger A. Abbott, 1,434 votes, Larry D. Tucker, 1,433, Todd Snowden, 1,329, Darin Logan, 1,227, and write-in votes, 298.

Southern Local School District Board of Education results for member positions showed the winner as Richard L. Wamsley II with 704 votes. Gary D. Evans received 645 votes, followed by Mony Wood with 591.

Scott Walton, running unopposed, received 4,034 votes for the position on the Governing Board of ESC-At Large Athens Meigs ESC. Gary Dicken, also running unopposed, received 207 for Governing Board of ESC Athens-Meigs ESC – Alexander. Also running unopposed for the position on the Governing Board of Athens-Meigs ESC- Meigs Local was Ron Logan, who received 1,848 votes. J. Greg Bailey received 961 votes to Jeff Vogt’s 243, making him the winner of the Governing Board of ESC Athens-Meigs ESC- Eastern position. There was no candidate filed for the position of Governing Board of Athens-Meigs ESC-Southern Local.

Several township positions were on the ballot, and results are as follows: Bedford Township Trustee, one position, John W. Dean over Michael A. York, 197 to 144, Bedford Township Fiscal Officer, Kathy J. Romine with 183 votes over Barbara J. Grueser with 158. Also on the ballot for Bedford Township, Electric Agg. yes 113, no 229 and Gas Agg. yes 106, no 231.

Chester Township Trustee results showed Elmer C. Newell with 473 votes to James B. Hawthorne’s 200. In the Chester Township Fiscal Office race,Philip Raymond Werry ran unopposed and received 567 votes.

Columbia Township Trustee Rexie Cheadle ran unopposed and received 258 votes and Mary Wingo received 224 votes for Columbia Township Fiscal Officer, also unopposed. Columbia Cemetery, 191 for and 117 against.

Lebanon Township Trustee position will be filled by James R. Foreman, with 129 to opponent Gerrad Parry with 97. Annette R. Vance ran unopposed for Lebanon Township Fiscal Officer and received 106 votes. Lebanon Cemetery levy had 152 yes votes and 74 no votes.

Letart Township Trustee voting shows Zachary Manuel with 124 votes, Justin Hill with 68 and Charles Wolfe Jr. with 49.

Incumbent Letart Township Fiscal Officer Jenny L. Manuel received 136 votes with Nathan W. Roush receiving 127.

Olive Township Trustee position showed Randy Boston receiving 330 votes and Kaleen Hayman with 291 votes over Tara Barton with 84 for Olive Township Fiscal Officer.

Rodney A. Tripp received 257 votes for Orange Township Trustee. Deborah Watson received 159 votes and Alice L. Hawthorne received 143 votes for Orange Township Fiscal Officer. Orange Township Fire levy passed with 192 for and 123 against.

Rutland Township Trustee results show Joe M. Bolin with 422 votes over Brynn K. Sutphin with 136. Opal L. Dyer ran unopposed for Rutland Township Fiscal Officer and received 474 votes. Rutland Township Fire levy passed with 393 for and 164 opposed.

Salem Township Trustee candidate Cecil E. Johnston, running unopposed, received 193 votes. Carol A. Taylor, who also ran unopposed, received 175 votes for Salem Township Fiscal Officer.

Salisbury Township Trustee position had John Hood running unopposed and receiving 1,136 votes. Marilyn R. Anderson, who also ran unopposed for Salisbury Township Fiscal Officer, received 1,037. Salisbury Township Cemetery levy, had 868 for and 463 against.

Randy Butcher received 201 votes for Scipio Township Trustee and Tammy Andrus 181. Tina E. Cotterill, running unopposed, received 199 votes for Scipio Township Fiscal Officer

Chuck Mugrage won over incumbent Larry Ebersbach for Sutton Township Trustee, with voting showing Mugrage with 476, Ebersbach with 294 and Shane S. Circle with 140 votes. Jo Ann Crisp received 753 votes for Sutton Township Fiscal Officer.

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Lindsay Kriz|Daily Sentinel Kriz|Daily Sentinel

Voters across the county saw many issues on the ballot. Pictured are Middleport voters marking their ballot. Lindsay Kriz|Daily Sentinel across the county saw many issues on the ballot. Pictured are Middleport voters marking their ballot. Lindsay Kriz|Daily Sentinel
Tuesday’s general election saw a 42 percent voter turnout

By Lorna Hart