Excellent Weather for Capehart Junior Golf Final

Staff Report

POMEROY, Ohio — After several weeks — including one rainout and other bad looking weather — for the Frank Capehart Tri-County Junior Golf League, the weather for the final tournament of the season was about as close to perfect as can be achieved.

Not only was the weather fantastic, the Meigs County Golf Course was in very good condition.

The tournament that took place on Tuesday is known as ‘Fun Day’. That means that the format for the day was different than the usual tournament guidelines. In this event, all participants are given a handicap based on their previous scores from the initial three tournaments. Age divisions did not exist, with both boys and girls competing against one another.

After handicaps were determined and net scores posted, all participants, based on their order of finish, were allowed to select a prize. All prizes were golf related in some manner including golf balls, tees, golf gloves, golf hats and practice golf balls.

Prior to giving prizes to the various handicap winners, plaques were awarded to the individual age group winners.

The boys division in the 10-and-under age group was won by Nate Harris, while Ali Norris was the victor in the girls division of that age group. Alec Conway won the boys 11-12 year old age group and Marlo Norris won the plaque for the ladies in that group. Joe Milhoan won the 13-14 year old boys group and Lorena Kennedy was the ladies division champion in that age group. The boys winner in the 15-17 year old age group was Whitney Byrd, while Caitlin Cotterill won for the ladies in that group. The winner in the boys 18-19 year old age group was Jensen Anderson. The girls division in that group was won by Haley Pierson.

There was a tie for the net score winner with a score of 33. Both Gus Kennedy and Marlo Norris finished with the same net score, however, Kennedy received the first choice of prizes because his gross score bested that of Norris. The third best net score of the day was a tie between Whitney Byrd and Caitlin Cotterill with net scores 34. Byrd’s net score was lower than Cotterill, so Whitney chose in third place prize. A 35 was the fifth-place score, posted by Caleb Pierson.

Conner Ingals, Ethan Short, and Brady Meadows tied with net scores of 36. Jensen Anderson was next with his net score of 37, and Grant Roush also shot a net score of 37. Joe Milhoan, Josiah Weaver, and Nate Harris all finished with a net score of 38.

There was a four-way tie for the net score of 39, those players were Hunter Copley, Lorena Kennedy, Jacob Spencer and Ali Norris. Alec Conway who played ill still managed to post a net score of 40. Kaden McClutchen and Porter Midkiff tied with a net score of 42. Teagan Conway and Case Dettwiller had a tie net score of 43. The final tie net score of the day was a 44 between Riley Cotterill and Cy Watterson.

Lunch consisting of pizza was provided to all the golfers participating in the finale. Some delicious desserts of cupcakes, cookies, watermelon, among other things were provided by parents, grandparents or friends of the participants.

Each of the league sponsors were acknowledged and given sincere appreciation to Home National Bank, Peoples Bank, City National Bank, Farmers Bank, Ohio Valley Bank, Brad Sang, Smith Chevrolet, Walmart in Gallipolis, H&W Welding Service LLC, Dennis Brumfield and Ryan Norris. A special thanks goes out to Locker 219 in Middleport for their help and cooperation. Without these sponsors, the league would not be possible. The directors of the league send their sincere appreciation to each of them.

Parents and other volunteers were thanked for their efforts in each week’s activities. Their cooperation goes a very long way in making the league a success. And, of course, none of this would be possible without the help and generosity of each of the three local golf courses. The gift of their time and facilities allow and encourage the young men and woman to participate. Because of this cooperation, many young men and woman are learning the game and it is a game they can enjoy for a lifetime.

The directors of the league, Jan Haddox, Jeff Slone, and Bob Blessing are looking forward to the league continuing for many years.

Staff Report