Capehart golf league opens at Riverside

Staff Report

MASON, W.Va. — The actual season opening golf tournament for the Frank Capehart Junior Golf League took a week longer than originally planned.

The nice-looking and well-conditioned Riverside Golf Course hosted the initial tournament for the young men and woman in this area on Wednesday. The first tournament for the 2019 season was scheduled for Cliffside Golf Course on June 5th, however, the weatherman decided to prohibit that contest from taking place.

Weather conditions this Wednesday were pleasant for both the participants as well as the spectators. Play actually was a bit cool and windy at times, but complaints were few and far between. A total of 35 young men and woman were pleased to be taking part in the tournament.

The age group of the 10-and-under players consisted of five young men and two young ladies. A tie resulted in this boys division for first place between Riley Cotterill and Nate Harris, with both shooting identical scores of 51. Ben Supple claimed the second place trophy with his score 63. Both Cy Watterson and Brier Taylor finished just one stroke farther back with their scores of 64.

The two young ladies taking part in this age group tied with the winning score. Ali Norris and Teagan Conway — both veterans of last year’s play — shared in the first place trophy with their scores of 63 for the day.

Several of the male participants taking part in the 11-12 year old age group are also veterans of last year’s play. Grant Roush squeezed out a two-stroke victory for the first place score of 46 over Alex Conway’s second place score of 48. Mason Morris shot the third-best score in this group with a score 49. Brady Meadows was fourth with his score while Noah Leachman and Jesse Jordan also played in this group.

Marlo Norris — a multiple winner from previous years — was the only young lady in this age group providing her the first place trophy.

The group in the male age group of 13-15 included 8 players. This group is highly competitive and appears to be improving. Wednesday’s winner was another veteran, Connor Ingels. Joe Milhoan won the second place trophy with his score of 44. Brycen Bumgarner was next in this tournament with his score 45. Caleb Pierson was next with Brennen Sang followed with Kaden McCutcheon and Nathanael Baird and Matthew Lawrence.

The only player in the ladies division of this group was the winner, Lorena Kennedy.

Six veteran participants took place in the boys division of the 15-17 year old group. Whitney Byrd’s excellent score of 37 won the first place trophy while the second place trophy was won by T.J. Vogt. Ethan Short finished with the third place score, while Jake Conrath, Tanner Lisle, and Matthew Morris also played.

The girls division 1st place trophy in this group was won by another veteran player, Caitlin Cotterill, with her score of 54.

The older 18-19 year old group, both boys and ladies, were all veteran players. All of them have grown into real ladies and gentlemen and it is a pleasure to have them participating once again. The boys division was won by Levi Chapman with a fine score of 39. Ryan Harbour and Jensen Anderson tied for the second place trophy with a score of 41. Wyatt Nicholson was the 4th player in this group.

Haley Pierson in the ladies division, was the only player in this group and she won the first place trophy with her score of 49.

Next week’s tournament will be held at the Meigs County Golf Course located just North of Pomeroy, Ohio. This tournament will be on Tuesday, June 18. The entry fee is $12. Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. with play to begin at 9:00 a.m. and is open to all area youth age 19-and-under. A small lunch will be served at the conclusion of play. The directors of the league are always looking for contributions to help support the league. If you have any questions, please contact any of the following: Jeff Slone, 740-256-6160, or Jan Haddox, 304-675-3388 or Bob Blessing, 304-675-6135.

Staff Report