Meigs health department provides valuable services

Dear Editor:

As the chairperson of the Meigs County Cancer Initiative, I learn about many of the people who are diagnosed with cancer and who need or are receiving cancer treatments.

I think most of us know the confusion, concern, expense and need for assistance that people face when they are diagnosed. The MCCI members are volunteers who help as much as possible. Meigs County Health Department’s administrator, Courtney Midkiff, is a longtime MCCI member and she is also a concerned and supportive professional. The health department staff networks to meet the needs of its constituency and you can depend on them always being able to point the individual in need in the right direction.

MCCI meetings are held monthly in the health department conference room the first Monday of the month. Courtney, thankfully, administers MCCI’s transportation assistance program as part of her duties for the convenience of local cancer patients. She networks with other agencies personnel to ensure all needs that can be met are being met. The health department assists in addressing needs and gaps in medical coverage for members of the community as they arise.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to physically observe prevention and preventive measures. But that is exactly what the health department enables the staff to provide. The health department provides education that enhances the ability of individuals and groups to make healthy personal choices reducing chronic disease symptoms and preventing further progression of many symptoms.

With less staff than what is needed for optimum care, the health department staff still provide resources to individuals and families including those with a cancer diagnosis.

I know the health department is a necessary service for our community. And who of us can provide the same services for less money now days. In essence, that is what will happen if a levy is not replaced at today’s expenses. The levy is a bargain for the many ways that the health department serves the community. I urge you all to vote yes for the replacement levy and continue excellent public health services in Meigs County.

Norma A. Torres