‘Pain is temporary, pride is forever’

Dear Editor,

It is such a pleasure to see Jay Edwards running to represent Southeast Ohio in Columbus. I was his high school football coach at Nelsonville-York. I coached football at Nelsonville-York for 13 years. Jay and I share so many memories together both in good times and bad.

Jay is one of the most special young men that I was able to be around during my time as a football coach. He was dependable, trustworthy, obedient, and stood on morals, principal, and integrity. He was the leader of our football team from the time he was freshmen. He gained his teammates respect through leading by example. There was never anyone who was ever going to outwork, out-prepare, or out-focus Jay Edwards. He went above and beyond the call of duty to improve himself, but more importantly, the team around him. Under his leadership, we had some of the best football teams Nelsonville-York has ever had.

Jay Edwards is a goal-oriented achiever. He sets forth plans for success and follows through. His honesty, dedication, and hard work is what his teammates and now this community can count on. He will develop a plan, work hard and smart, and get the job done for Ohio House District 94. He comes from a family that has done so much for the community and he will never forget his roots.

As coach Boston Sr would always say, “Pain is temporary, pride is forever!!” Jay Edwards lives his life that way. He will sacrifice his time, energy, and effort for the people of this district.

Please support Jay Edwards for state representative.

David Boston

Murray City