Funding discrepancy worries constituent

Dear Editor,

I do not understand why Sarah Grace would run for state representative if she could not uphold her basic responsibilities as a treasurer for a Parent Teacher Organization.

Don’t worry Mrs. Grace, I understand that family and professional responsibilities take precedent over a volunteer-based position, but if your life is already busy enough as is, then why would you take on a position when you cannot fulfill the position’s duties?

After you left the PTO to focus on your campaign, you stated, “I didn’t know the PTO was having difficulties moving forward.” How did you not know about this, Mrs. Grace? Did you not transition your replacement so you could work out any future problems?

The purpose of a PTO is to focus on parent-teacher relations to enhance a child’s learning experience. You state on your website that you are working to expand educational opportunities for all children, but how do you explain the funding discrepancy that occurred during your time as treasurer for the PTO? Your actions are not congruent with your words Mrs. Grace.

I am looking for answers Mrs. Grace. Our community deserves a candidate that is responsible for their actions, and unfortunately, I do not believe you are that candidate.

John Paszke