Grace’s PTO history a cause for concern

Dear Editor,

It is always frustrating to hear about scandals in the news. Usually, scandals are easy to ignore, but in this case, in a scandal that hits so close to home, it is hard to look away.

When I read about Sarah Grace’s history as treasurer of the East Elementary Parent Teacher Organization, I was astounded that she even considered running as our state representative. Under Sarah Grace’s tenure as treasurer, the PTO experienced a funding discrepancy, trouble with IRS forms, and failure to recognize financial difficulties. I find it hard to believe that she is running as state representative without upholding her responsibilities. The basic responsibility of a treasurer for any organization is to keep track of the money. But in this case, Sarah Grace failed to do so.

We cannot elect a woman who fails to keep her basic responsibilities. If you are going to assume a position in any organization, you are expected to do your job to the best of your ability. Because of this, we should not trust Sarah Grace to be our state representative.

Max Routsong