Pipefitter plans to support Edwards

Dear Editor,

I don’t normally write letters to the editor, but I feel that this is too important to keep to myself. I am a Democrat. I’m a 45-year union pipefitter. I serve on the Nelsonville-York school board and I have done so for several years along with serving the Hocking Conservancy District.

Southeast Ohio needs to have a strong voice in the Legislature and, most importantly, we need someone who has a chance to get positive results for us. I am voting for Jay Edwards for state representative because he will do what is right for us because he is one of us. He cares about and understands the issues our region faces and I agree with his positions on issues that matter most to me like public education, charter schools, unions, the drug epidemic and economic development. We need good paying jobs.

As a lifelong Democrat, I say it’s time to look past blind partisanship and put the best person for the job in office. That’s why am asking everyone I know to join me in doing what’s right and vote for Jay Edwards.

Dave Kline