Why was candidate’s hands ‘in the money?’

Dear Editor,

I was stunned by the lack of contrition from Sarah Grace about her work as treasurer of East Elementary PTO, which, according to the Athens Messenger, may have a bank account discrepancy of more than $5,000 when she left office.

Why did the PTO have to spend money to hire a CPA and a lawyer just to make sense of the mess and try to get Sarah Grace to turn over financial information? That money should be for the kids.

Why did Sarah Grace wait three and half months to turn in $1,651 from the East Elementary book fair? The Messenger reported she hadn’t been treasurer for almost two months when she finally handed over the money and, despite no longer being treasurer, she apparently was able to go to the bank and deposit money into the PTO’s account. Other news reports have said that most of the deposit was actually cash, which debunks her claim of waiting until school started back up to tell the check writers she still had their checks before depositing. By the way, don’t checks have the names, addresses and often phone numbers on them? What’s the excuse for not depositing the PTO’s cash?

Additionally, the online PTO minutes clearly state that Sarah Grace had already met with the new treasurer multiple times last summer including earlier the same day she made the deposit on her own. This debunks Mrs. Grace’s lame claim that their schedules didn’t “mesh” and that she supposedly needed to teach the new treasurer how to make a bank deposit.

Many other questions remain, but my faith in Sarah Grace is gone.

Nathan Brown