Trump supporter: ‘Let’s end this train wreck’

Dear Editor,

Donald Trump has put forth an agenda of growth, opportunity and security.

His tax reform simplifies and cuts taxes and oppressive regulations of working families and businesses. This makes it easier to hire, invest, grow and compete in the global economy. He knows American energy production means energy independence, enhancing economic opportunity and national security. Trump will replace the mortally defective Obamacare and improve affordable access to health care for everyone. He will abolish mandates. Insurance will be portable and barriers removed for drug providers that offer safe, reliable and cheaper products.

Trump will ensure our veterans get the care they need wherever and whenever they need it.

As president, Trump will address the mortal threats created by the Obama/Clinton regime. He’ll revitalize our armed forces and military leadership. He’ll stop provocations of American vessels in international waters. He will not bow down to foreign leaders nor apologize for our great nation.

Hillary Clinton has sold her office and the security of the United States for personal profit. She’s arranged the sale of U.S. uranium to Russia, and collected millions of dollars in return. It is Hillary whose “experience” has left a trail of catastrophe and death in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere, with millions of people fleeing their homelands.

Hillary’s criminal negligence put vital intelligence and our people in mortal peril. Her “experience” and relentless, remorseless lying concerning her record disqualify her from any position of public trust.

Let’s end this train wreck. Donald Trump leads a team of high-character individuals dedicated to restoring our liberty, security and prosperity.

Carol A. Costanzo