Vote for Meigs County health levy

Dear Editor:

The Meigs County Health Department’s mission statement reads: Protecting the public’s health by working to assure availability of and access to quality health care services; promoting individual and community responsibility for the prevention of disease, injury and disability by providing preventative health care, education and environmental safety, to all members of the community.

Please read that again and think about what it actually means. What a huge undertaking for this agency — and all to benefit ourselves, our neighbors and community. Whether you have personally needed or taken advantage of the services offered, MCHD provides many programs to make it easier and more affordable to find quality health care, preventative health care, education and information, or assistance.

I have personally utilized these services on numerous occasions, and have always received excellent and thorough services. When we were without dental insurance, my son benefited from dental screenings and cleanings provided through they MCHD. Our family has taken advantage of numerous health screening opportunities that have proven to be valuable in identifying, monitoring and taking control of health issues. When unemployed and uninsured, the MCHD, in partnership with Think Pink (Susan Komen Foundation), provided the opportunity for me to receive what turned out to be a life-saving mammogram. The health department followed up by helping me identify and secure affordable treatment, and provided vast amounts of information to help me understand what to expect, what was normal, what was not. They have the knowledge, training and a huge referral system necessary to provide for the health, wellness and safety needs of our community, and they do it very efficiently and effectively.

Many have benefited from prenatal care, shot clinics, health and wellness checks, mobile mammography, and many more services. The health department partners with many local, regional, and state entities to make good things happen for our residents. These programs improve the quality of lives m our region and can be lifesaving.

Your support to our health department just might mean everything to someone you love. Please vote for the Meigs County Health Levy on Nov. 3.

Mary Gilmore