A dishonor to the honored

A dishonor to the honored

Dear Editor,

When the Honor Bridge, that spans the Ohio River, was built a number of years ago, it was a tribute to three local heroes and to the men and women who served our nation when called upon to do so.

Eagle Scout Marshall Aanestad and his late father Erik, a scoutmaster, undertook the project to add service flags and poles to honor all veterans as a community service.

When Marshall went to college, the memorial was turned over to Pomeroy American Legion Post 39.

A post flag fund was created to replace the flags as needed, and with the help of Mrs. Dean Barnitz, the flag memorial has been maintained by members of Post 39.

Following Memorial Day 2017, in a two-day span, a thief or thieves stole a number of service flags from the honored site.

Flags stolen represented the Armed Forces that many veterans of our communities served under in time of war.

A person stealing from a memorial reminds me of people who take flowers off a grave in a cemetery, remove a flag, take bronze flag holders and service markers to sell for scrap, or lift flower markers from a family monument. In a sense, such people are grave robbers. The dead cannot defend themselves.

If anyone has any information concerning this matter please contact local law enforcement or Drew Webster Post 39, PO Box 401, Pomeroy, Ohio 45769.

Better yet, if the person who committed this despicable act has any moral fabric and all, return the flags fully intact to Post 39.

Post 39 has every intention to restore the memorial at the Honor Bridge.

God Bless America.

Joe Struble P.C.

American Legion Post 39

A dishonor to the honored