Reader gives article failing grade

Reader gives article failing grade

Dear Editor,

The Daily Sentinel on June 6, page 5, printed an article titled “Southern holds academic banquet.” The guest speaker was acknowledged along with the food servers, the 20 sponsors, and the 14 academic banquet committee members. I found it interesting that academic banquet is a common noun while Academic Banquet Committee is a proper noun. This might suggest that the committee is more important that the banquet. I doubt that this is anything more than human error. So too is the “it’s” in the sentence “Southern would like to thank it’s many sponsors…” It’s is a contraction, a short version of it is. The appropriate word in that sentence would be its, a possessive pronoun, which shows ownership. Also, the comma between “poem” and “The Road Not Taken” is an error. A comma between a noun and its appositive indicates the appositive is not essential. In this case “The Road Not Taken” is clearly needed if the sentence is to make sense.

I apologize for the preceding didactic comments.

Still, an academic banquet should honor boys and girls who excel academically. This article fails to name one. The omission of one honoree in error would have been sad, but the omission of all 97 names is inexcusable.

I doubt the writer intended to be unkind, but these children selected for excellent academic achievements received a loud, clear message in that piece, that their anonymity is appropriate. Shame on Southern Local and Meigs County if this is accepted journalism.


Jennings Beegle

Racine, Ohio

(Editor’s note: The article regarding the above mentioned academic banquet was printed as submitted to The Daily Sentinel by Southern Local Schools.)

Reader gives article failing grade