Reunion leaves questions for reader

Reunion leaves questions for reader

Dear Editor,

For the second year in a row, the Racine-Southern Alumni Association has held what I would call a secret reunion. Nothing was placed in the paper to announce the reunion, its location, and cost. No letters were sent out to alumni. Many older alumni like me don’t have internet if it was on there. What is going on? This was my 70th year reunion, and I had no way to get together with my remaining class members because I could not find out any information about the banquet.

Besides this, the association never publishes the list of attendees in the paper as all the other school reunions do. This was brought up several years ago only to see one year published and then the practice of not publishing the list resumed.

Over the years, the alumni association has slowly eliminated many of the activities. There is no dinner music, no speaker, and no alumni queen. Can’t these be resumed?

Along the same line, it seems that the leadership of the Southern Local Schools is doing its best to kill the alumni reunion. Graduation has been for decades on either a Friday or a Sunday. The schools know full well that the alumni banquet is on Saturday, but for the last two years it has scheduled high school graduation the same evening. Yet, the schools love all the scholarships given by the alumni to graduates. I can only infer that this placement of the graduation on Saturdays is to kill the alumni banquet.


June Ashley

(Editor’s note: The Daily Sentinel received no notice of the aforementioned reunion prior to it being held. Free community announcements can be sent to [email protected] for publication consideration.)

Reunion leaves questions for reader