Leaving an impression

Leaving an impression

Dear Editor,

I have been gone from Meigs County for many years but I will always be grateful to the following personnel. I should have publicly thanked them a long time ago, as some of them have already passed on:

To Coach Charles Chancey, Coach Jon Bentley, Coach Fenton Taylor, Coach Mike Barr and Coach Don Dixon, thank you for teaching a young man the fundamentals of football and the importance of good sportsmanship; to honor and respect your opponents, and to give your very best on the football field for your teammates and school. The things you taught me as a young man stayed with me through college and 28- plus years as an officer in the US Air Force. You taught me to be a good sportsman and citizen.

To Hank Cleland, Robert Arms, Tom Reed, Pat Woods, Frank Casto, Don Thomas and Ray Laudermilt of Pomeroy Boy Scout Troop #249, thank you for teaching a young man good citizenship skills; how to survive in the wilderness; a love of community and country; to try and do the right thing, to be prepared and to help other people at all times. I will always be grateful to you for helping me grow up to become a good citizen as well.

John M. Morris, Col (ret), US Air Force

Menifee, California

Leaving an impression