Letter to the editor

Kids, school deserve better

Dear Editor,

Let’s look at the facts.

This mess is the responsibility of former East Elementary PTO treasurer Sarah Grace. According to the article, the PTO tried repeatedly to solve the problem, even hiring a CPA and a lawyer. The lawyer “was hired to meet with Sarah Grace to try to get more financial information” the article says. And the article goes on to say “multiple attempts” had been made over the course of months to get financial information from Grace.

Honestly, Sarah Grace’s comments in the paper don’t make any sense. Her real response seems to be to shrug her shoulders and pretend East Elementary PTO and its issues don’t exist. And that’s probably the saddest part because the PTOs really do work hard to try to make a difference for kids. The kids and the school deserved better from Sarah Grace.

Katie Moore

Athens, Ohio

Kids, school deserve better