Dear Editor,

The lack of oversight that Sarah Grace had as treasurer of the East Elementary Parent Teacher Organization is deeply disturbing. According to The Post, there is a nearly $6,000 discrepancy in funding for the PTO, and this situation demands explaining. However, this discrepancy is not the only thing that Mrs. Grace needs to explain. After the PTO held a book fair in May, Mrs. Grace collected the check, but didn’t deposit the monies earned from the book fair until three months after the book fair. Additionally, Mrs. Grace’s term as treasurer of the PTO expired in July. I am not sure why she was holding on to the money after her term expired, but this action raises serious questions. In addition, Mrs. Grace failed to file tax-exemption forms for the PTO. In The Post, she said, “I don’t know why the second filing isn’t showing up on the IRS’ website.” Well, Mrs. Grace, the reason why the filing never showed up is because you never did it! The IRS website refreshes weekly so I do not know understand why the taxes have not been filed yet. The PTO, the organization you worked for, could lose its tax-exemption status if the forms are not filled out. Do you not care about the organization? Sarah Grace needs to be held accountable for her actions. If she is putting a local organization at risk, then what will she do at the Statehouse? Based on her past behaviors, I cannot trust Sarah Grace to be our state representative.

Sarah Dougherty

Athens, Ohio