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By Daschle Facemyer - Meigs Health Matters

If you are wanting to build a new house on a piece of property, one of the initial steps is getting a new septic system for your new house or structure. The process begins by contacting the Health Department and multiple steps have to be completed before any installation begins. First, schedule an appointment with an Environmental Health Specialist at the Health Department for a site review. The site review consists of meeting at the property to go over house building locations, driveway location, water line location, any gas lines on the property; Indicate if any other structures will be built on the property. The Health Department will look for areas that would be suitable for a septic system.

After the site is approved, the second step is to get in contact with an approved soil scientist. A soil scientist is not a Health Department employee in Meigs County, but the Health Department can provide names and contact information. The soil scientist will schedule a day and time to meet at the property to conduct soil testing. Upon completion, they will provide a report of a detailed soil description from different test holes that they sample around the property.

The third step is designing the system. The Health Department will use the soil report and the Ohio Sewage Treatment System Rules to come up with a design. Once the design is completed and approved, an approval letter and a copy of the design will be sent to you.

The fourth step is to contact a septic installer that is registered in Meigs County. When an installer is contacted and the system is ready to be installed, the fifth step is obtaining a septic permit through the Health Department before any installation occurs.

After the system is installed, the Health Department will need to inspect the system before it is covered with soil. An operation permit will be issued at the time. Following a year of system operation, the Health Department will conduct a 12-month inspection on the system to make sure everything is functioning

properly. Applications are available on the Meigs County Health Department’s website ( for the site review and installation permit as well as lists of septic installers, soil scientists, septic haulers and service providers.

For more information on the process of installing a new household sewage system, please call the Meigs County Health Department at 740-992-6626 Monday-Friday (8 a.m.-4 p.m.).

By Daschle Facemyer

Meigs Health Matters

Daschle Facemyer is a sanitarian-in-training at the Meigs County Health Department.

Daschle Facemyer is a sanitarian-in-training at the Meigs County Health Department.