Meigs Health Matters… Celebrating Halloween during COVID-19

By Brody Davis - Contributing columnist



Many Meigs County villages are holding a traditional trick-or-treat this year on Oct. 29 in an effort to avoid the large crowds at events which are normally held.

As a health department, we feel this is the best choice to allow the children of Meigs County to enjoy Halloween and avoid large crowds. If your family feels this is unsafe to trick or treat then we suggest staying home and having activities with your family. Some of these activities can include a candy scavenger hunt, decorating or carving pumpkins, hiding candy and having children find it (like an Easter egg hunt), or have a Halloween movie night. This will allow you to still enjoy the holiday just in a different manner than normal.

If you choose to go trick-or-treating, we have a few suggestions to keep you safe and reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. First be sure to follow traditional trick-or-treat safety measures such as:

· Have a flashlight or glow stick so you can see and be seen.

· Have reflective material on your costume, candy container so you can be seen easily.

· Watch for cars while crossing streets

· While driving watch for trick-or-treaters

· Go trick or treating with a parent or guardian

Second follow the following COVID-19 guidelines to protect yourself and others:

· If you are sick stay home

· Wear a face covering

· Remain six feet apart

· Use hand sanitizer while going door to do

· Wash your hands when possible and when you return home

If you don’t trick-or-treat and prefer to hand out treats, we have a few suggestions for you as well:

· Don’t pass out candy if you are sick

· Wear a face covering

· Think of possible ways to hand out treats while practicing social distancing such as a candy slide. (PVC Pipe decorated that you can place candy in and it “slides” to the children)

· Use hand sanitizer and wash hands often

· Continually disinfect high touch areas

By following these guidelines, the community and children can have a fun, safe, and healthy Halloween even in the middle of a pandemic.


By Brody Davis

Contributing columnist

Brody Davis is the Meigs County Health Department Emergency Response Coordinator.

Brody Davis is the Meigs County Health Department Emergency Response Coordinator.