Reader asks: ‘How much did that cost the taxpayers?’

Dear Editor,

One must wonder what Randy Smith and the commissioners have against Sheriff Keith Wood. First, they have a problem with the budget even though they do not seem to be aware of how many prisoner transportations, drug busts, etc he is asked to cover. It would be good for everybody to sit down and figure out ahead of time so that they could properly create a budget every year. The problem is that there is no way for anybody to predict ahead of time how many of these situations will occur.

A deputy and his wife go to a parade knowing full well that the sheriff will be in attendance. The deputy’s wife was wearing a shirt promoting the sheriff’s opponent in the upcoming election. It would seem that this is an attempt to intentionally cause trouble.

The commissioners called in a third party to investigate this matter. My question is how much did that cost the taxpayers of Meigs County? With all of the talk by the commissioners about money problems, this seemed like a complete waste of money. Maybe this money could’ve been used to help the sheriff balance his budget.

It seems to me from all that I see and hear that the sheriff is doing a good job. Maybe the commissioners should work with the sheriff instead of against him so that everybody would be able to do a better job.


Roger Allen