Meigs Health Matters

By Courtney Midkiff - For Ohio Valley Publishing

The Meigs County District Advisory Council convened for its annual meeting on March 29 at the Robert E. Byer EMA/911 Building.

Per the Ohio Revised Code 3709.03, the purpose of the District Advisory Council is to elect its officers; appoint members of the Board of Health; receive and consider the annual or special reports of the BOH and make recommendations to the Meigs County Health Department in regard to matters for the betterment of health and sanitation within the county, or for needed legislation.

Voting members consist of the president of each township board of trustees; the president of the board of county Commissioners and the mayor of each village. If voting members are unable to personally attend, they may send a designee. There were eight of 12 townships; three of five villages and the board of county commissioners represented at the March 29 meeting. Also in attendance were the MCHD’s management staff and three board of health members.

Joe Bolin (Rutland Township trustee) was re-elected as DAC president and Marco Jeffers (Columbia Township trustee) was re-elected as DAC secretary. During the meeting, the DAC approved updated bylaws under which to operate.

There were two BOH member terms (March 2016-21) to be filled with the terms of Roger Gaul and Marty Cline expiring. Gaul opted to continue his BOH membership if re-appointed again by the DAC; Cline opted to not seek re-appointment because of other personal pursuits. Of three potential candidates, Gaul (who resides in Orange Township) and Edna Weber (who resides in Rutland Township) were appointed by the DAC for BOH membership (March 2016-21).

Highlights from the MCHD’s 2015 Annual Report (now posted on for public review) and 2015 Financial Report were presented. Challenges and opportunities were discussed including, but not limited to the cost of national accreditation (which is being required by the Ohio Department of Health for local health departments to be eligible for grant funding); a Nov. 2016 replacement tax levy bid; potential projects throughout the county to encourage physical activity; implementation of outreach nursing services such as contracting with the county’s educational districts for school-based head lice screenings and the 2016 Meigs County Cleanup Day.

The next DAC meeting will take place in March 2017 on a date and at a location to de determined.

For more information, contact MCHD Administrator Courtney Midkiff at 740-992-6626.

By Courtney Midkiff

For Ohio Valley Publishing

Courtney Midkiff is the administrator for the Meigs County Health Department.

Courtney Midkiff is the administrator for the Meigs County Health Department.