QB won’t decide Sunday winner

By Russ Kent Contributing columnist

By Russ Kent Contributing columnist

For a lot of reasons, Super Bowl Sunday is one of the best days of the year.

It is a spectable like no other.

We have two weeks of hype, fantastic commercials a splashy half-time show.

In recent years, we’ve enjoyed thorougly entertaining football games.

I expect no less Sunday.

There will be explosive offensive plays and big hits on defense. There will be too many defensive interference calls, and too many offensive holding calls.

There will be a key, momentum-making or momentum-changing offensive interference penalties.

So who’s going to win?

My prediction will come later.

Kansas City and San Francisco are both fun teams to watch.

Both have outstanding — if philosophically different — offenses.

I think the 49ers have the better defense.

I think the Chiefs have the better offense.

Special teams? It’s a draw.

So who or what will determine the winner.

I’ll get to that in a minute.

My biggest question right now is where am I going to watch.

I recently switched to Internet TV. As I well as I can determine, Sunday’s game will not be on one of the channels or networks or providers I’m paying for.

But I’ll work it out. I’ll be watching …. somewhere.

So who will Sunday’s big winner be?

I’m getting there.

I don’t really have a horse in this race.

I like — rather, I don’t dislike — either team.

I like both coaches.

Both teams have likeable stars.

I expect to have a good time Sunday? I’m going to sit back somewhere with a pizza or a sandwich pr some wings and a few drinks and watch and enjoy.

I expect to be entertained. Hopefully, I’ll be watching at home, with a cat on the sofa behind me and a dog in my lap trying to experience some of my Super Bowl snack menu.

So who’s going to win?

OK, here I go.

Two of the most successful young quarterbacks in the league are playing.

Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes is the new sports media darling. Since year one of his short NFL career, they’ve been inserting the words “Hall of Famer” in front of his name. He is doing things and throwing passes from angles I didn’t think were possible. At times — even in the playoffs against the best teams in the AFC — he was able to lead his teams on offensive rolls that were unmatched in football playoff history.

San Francisco’s Jimmy Garoppolo is far less flashy. He’s more like Tom Brady in style and substance. Which makes sense, as he was the heir-apparent in New England before Brady decided to play forever and team owner Robert Kraft seemingly forced Garoppolo’s trade to the 49ers.

Garoppolo and Mahomes lead their offenses. They will touch the ball on almost every offensive play.

But a quarterback won’t be the MVP of this game.

The Chiefs are flashy and potent and explosive. Their offensive weapons are many, too many to list but Mahomes has on his side running back Tyreek Hill and wide receiver Sammy Watkins. Kansas City also has an almost unstoppable force in tight end in Travis Kelce.

In some ways Kansas City’s success is more determined by Kelce’s success than that of Mahomes.

The 49ers can be flashy and explosive on offense. But mostly they like to control the ball on offense and the goal will be be keep Mahomes on the sideline as much as possible.

But San Francisco has a not-so-secret weapon. The 49ers have George Kittle, a little-known tight end from Iowa, who will be the difference maker in Sunday’s game.

There is precedent. Without Rob Gronkowski, Tom Brady wouldn’t have as many Super Bowl wins as he does.

Kittle is so much like Gronkowski it’s scary. He is big and bad and brutish and runs over and through people like no on else in the NFL.

Kitle will be the difference-maker in Sunday’s game. He will be the MVP. It’s as simple as that.

San Francisco 31, Kansas City 28

By Russ Kent Contributing columnist
https://www.mydailysentinel.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2020/02/web1_Russ-Kent-colsig.jpgBy Russ Kent Contributing columnist

Russ Kent writes for the Galion Inquirer, email him at rkent@aimmediamidwest.com. This column shared through the AIM Media Midwest group of newspapers.

Russ Kent writes for the Galion Inquirer, email him at rkent@aimmediamidwest.com. This column shared through the AIM Media Midwest group of newspapers.