Employee spotlight: Jessica Snoke

By Jessica Snoke - Contributing columnist

My name is Jessica Snoke. The Meigs County Board of Health hired me as the full-time fiscal officer for the Meigs County Health Department (MCHD) in February 2019. As a life-long resident of Meigs County, I enjoy working in my home county. I have always loved math and numbers so deciding to work in the financial field, as I have done the past several years, was a perfect fit for me.

As a public entity, the MCHD maintains a strong operational infrastructure in order to administer public health services efficiently and effectively to meet the needs of the population. By maintaining a strong organizational infrastructure, the MCHD can assess and improve its operations, staffing, and program support systems. Sound financial practices are basic to any organization because they are required to manage resources wisely, to analyze present and future needs, to sustain operations, and demonstrate accountability.

The MCHD receives funding from a variety of sources. Each funding source has specific requirements for the use of the funds and for reporting to the funding agency. It is important that funds are used appropriately and legitimately and that the MCHD has systems for accountability. I work with MCHD grant program directors to report to funders.

Meanwhile, the MCHD may not directly deliver or provide all services and administrative activities. Sometimes we depend on other entities to act on our behalf for services related to organizational, management, and administrative functions, or to program services or interventions delivered to the public. The MCHD enters into contracts or Memorandums of Understanding/Agreement or other written agreements that have been executed with other organizations or departments. I maintain executed contracts on behalf of the MCHD.

My position is responsible for coordinating and monitoring many other fiscal activities in collaboration with the county auditor and treasurer. My duties include, but are not limited to accounts payable/receivable, preparing the yearly budget, reviewing and vouchering expenses, providing a monthly fiscal report to be reviewed by Senior Management and approved by the Board of Health. I also do employee payroll, maintain sick and vacation time accrual and assist with employee benefits such as healthcare, dental, vision and life/AD&D insurance because the MCHD does not have a staffer solely dedicated to Human Resource Management. Audits are formal examinations of the MCHD’s financial accounts. Audits are performed by external auditors. I soon will be working to prepare documentation needed by State examiners for the MCHD’s upcoming 2017-2018 audit.

In addition to my Fiscal responsibilities, I am a member of the MCHD’s team preparing for national accreditation via the Public Health Accreditation Board as well as the MCHD’s Performance Management/Quality Improvement team.

In conclusion, one of the MCHD’s values is Accountability: We are open and honest in our relationships and good stewards of available resources. We also practice transparency.

For more information, contact the MCHD at 740-992-6626 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.


By Jessica Snoke

Contributing columnist

Jessica Snoke is the fiscal officer at the Meigs County Health Department.

Jessica Snoke is the fiscal officer at the Meigs County Health Department.