Dear Editor: The tradition of Gallipolis in Lights

Dear Editor,

It is certainly no surprise to get a letter about Gallipolis in Lights.

I believe this is the greatest event Gallipolis has had in my lifetime.

I would like to congratulate the folks that have started this and continue to make this event so special. We have always believed the park in Gallipolis is the prettiest on the Ohio River, and look at it now!

I appreciate all the workers, and financial supporters, that have joined hands to make this a holiday tradition which has made Gallipolis famous.

There is one person in particular that I believe has made a very special effort and sacrifice to make certain these lights are up and working. I’m referring to Mr. Rick Mount. Rick has been a tireless supporter and has gone above and beyond to contribute his time and donate his equipment and workers to make this happen. Rick and his crew and equipment spend several weeks contributing to this effort.

Gallipolis in Lights is better because of Rick Mount! Thank you Rick!

Steve Evans