We are being told good news, but…

By Pastor Ron Branch



Jamin, our youngest, came to Charleston recently to take the West Virginia bar exam. His wife, Morgan, accompanied him. After the two days of scheduled testing, the couple came to visit with us here in Mason.

They were in the living room when I arrived from Wednesday prayer meeting at church. They each sported an unusual broad grin, I noted, when they greeted me. As I turned to go into the kitchen, Jamin said, “Dad, I am warming a bun in the oven. Would you check for me to see if it is warming up well?”

I ignored the request. After all, I do not like cooking, or to have anything to do with cooking. I was standing in the kitchen when Jamin and Morgan followed. Jamin once again asked me to check the bun he had warming up in the oven.

I got a little short, “Son, you are in here now—-you check!” He got a little short back. He pulled the oven door down in curt manner. Inside the chamber was a hamburger bun sitting on a small paper plate. He did not even have the stove turned on.

He adjusted the bun and plate on the rack, and commented, “Well, at this rate, it is going to take another eight-and-a-half months to get this done!” Morgan started laughing.

Feeling like I was missing something, I said, “This must be some sort of inside joke I am not getting.” There was a lengthy pause as I stared into their faces.

Finally, it started hitting me like a ton of bricks what was going on. They were trying to tell me something exciting. I began slobbering like a baby when I started realizing what it was—-Morgan and Jamin are going to have a baby! It was a happy surprise for me more than I can describe.

The “bun in the oven” reference should have quickly tipped me off. But, like a dolt, while they were trying to communicate in simple form some good news, I could not get it. As a matter of fact, I deliberately would not get it because I refused to look in the oven to see the good news prop.

This incident creates a stark spiritual comparison as it involves good news God wants to share with us. For a long time, He has been telling us good news, and we just do not get it. Like spiritual dolts, we act like we cannot comprehend it, and, to make matters worse, we live like we deliberately do not want to comprehend it.

The major portion of God’s good news He is sharing has to do with the Cross and Resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ. The good news is that the Lord did for us what we cannot do for ourselves. If we trust in Him for salvation of our souls, we are saved from eternal condemnation, and we are assured of eternal life in Heaven when we die physically. That is the greatest news there is—-easily learned, and easily understood.

But, there are some noteworthy sidebars of good news God is sharing.

For example, we can have peace in this life we live. There are so many frustrations in life. Uncertainties cause emotional anguish. The dangers of our days stimulate fear.

But, the Lord wants us to know that He can give us peace. “My peace I give unto you,” He assures. “Let not your hearts be troubled,” He said. There is peace in the midst of the storms of our lives, and He is trying to communicate to us that it is available if we would just try to check it out and understand about it.

The Lord is trying to share with us the news that there is hope. The hope He gives is not based upon wishful thinking, but it is hope based upon His sure promises. It is hope you cannot beat with a stick!

We would be far better off in life if we would but get the news God is telling us.

In the mean time, Jeshua and Megan previously shared with Terry and me that they are going to have a fourth child. And, while they were not as creative in sharing this news with us, it is just as exciting. Lord willing, that will make us ten grandbabies. The two new ones are due in March.


By Pastor Ron Branch

Pastor Ron Branch lives in Mason County and is pastor of Hope Baptist Church, Middleport, Ohio.

Pastor Ron Branch lives in Mason County and is pastor of Hope Baptist Church, Middleport, Ohio.