The power of you

By Letha Jones - Contributing columnist

The power of you. Did you know that all you need in life is right within your reach? It is actually within yourself. We have all heard time and time again the phrase “believe in yourself.” Seems simple enough? Three small words. We can set and read them over and over on replay and they will still be absolutely meaningless unless we harvest their power. Within these simple words we find the key to our own happiness, but exactly how do we locate that key? Frustrating isn’t it?

I am sure some of you become quite agitated at others’ ability to stay positive and push forward when it seems your own life is crashing down around you. Some may even argue that you need way more than the belief in yourself because fact check – I can say I believe in myself three times and click my magic red slippers just like Dorthy and I am still going to be in the same place I was before. I can even take the cynical side a little farther and say life isn’t all rainbows and glitter so stop trying to act like it is. Does that sound about right? I can absolutely understand your thought pattern because honestly its exactly as I just said – you have not learned how to harvest your own abilities.Believing in yourself will be the freedom that you seek.

When we lack the ability to believe in ourselves we usually form negative habits that inhibit our freedoms. When you start replacing the negative thought process with positive ones you start to harvest that power like a windmill harvests the wind to conduct electricity. You will begin to grow in ways you never thought possible. I encourage you everyday to replace one negative thought with one positive thought. You will see how this will generate just enough wind to slightly turn that sail. Now add in a positive comment to a neighbor, coworker etc. Every day make sure you say one encouraging remark – the sail will turn a little more and soon before you know it the windmill that is you will be full circle on course and conducting electricity within your own life. The power of YOU.

During this process of transformation remember that any negative thought or action brought against you, are not your’s. Those thoughts and actions belong to someone else and have no direct affect on your own windmill. Your windmill is harvested by the power of self – and can conduct as much energy as you put into it. The results are amazing. Imagine the endless possibilities. One just has to believe in the power of you. You are all you need. Let me repeat that again – you are all you need. Now take a deep breath and smile.

By Letha Jones

Contributing columnist

Letha Jones is a certified Life Coach who can be reached at 304-266-1185 or at

Letha Jones is a certified Life Coach who can be reached at 304-266-1185 or at