A closer look: Field of Hope

By Kevin Dennis - Contributing columnist

The Field of Hope (FOH) is a residential treatment facility in Gallia County to work with women caught up in substance abuse. Some clients are legally required to complete a treatment plan, and others are at the FOH voluntarily as they see the need for healing and recovery in their lives. FOH also provides outpatient services for men and women. A key to successful rehabilitation is a dynamic sober living, or “transitional”, program that helps clients get back on their feet after the devastating economic and relationship consequences of substance abuse. The current residential population of 16 at the Hope House will double this summer as the Faith House is completed (Faith House is the second residential building in the FOH). The FOH has approximately 20 ladies in transitional living.

The success rate of ladies who complete the treatment program prescribed by their certified counselor is very high. The bottom line is that if one completes the program, she has a better than 90% chance of healing from her addiction. Across the country, service providers who use a Christian faith basis of treatment enjoy the highest success rate because life change starts with heart change. Then the training and healing has a great chance.

The same philosophy of love and care for the community that goes into the services offered to those in residential and out-patient treatment will drive a Youth Prevention program that is currently in development. The FOH has a Prevention Director, planning mentoring and other activities, who will play an active role in the Gallia County Youth-Led Coalition. Renovation work has begun on the large gymnasium, stage, and Prevention offices at the FOH campus which will provide the venue for many youth activities promoting Prevention in the community. State partners have emphasized the high priority of Prevention work to guide and mentor young people during their formative years. In the war against substance abuse, there is no better strategy than a pre-emptive strike in the lives of youth.

All FOH counseling staff, prevention staff, and residential facilities are certified by the state of Ohio. All construction/renovation at the campus receives required inspections, and construction is performed by commercial contractors as prescribed by the FOH architect and state guidelines. FOH Office hours are 8 am – 4:30 pm, Monday-Friday. Please call 740-245-3051 for more information or to schedule an intake. Information is also available on their FaceBook page, Field of Hope Community Campus.

The third piece of the Field of Hope outreach is an expanded Food Pantry. There is potential funding to extend the space in the FOH main building for food storage and distribution. The current Food Pantry service is at Vinton Baptist Church each Monday from 4 pm – 6 pm.

The Field of Hope Community Campus, Inc. (FOH) has been a founding member of the Gallia County Citizens for Prevention and Recovery Coalition and is blessed to continue as an active member today. We join many other community members to win the war against substance abuse and its devastating effects on families and our community.

By Kevin Dennis

Contributing columnist

Kevin Dennis is CEO of Field of Hope. He wrote this on behalf of Gallia Citizens for Prevention and Recovery.

Kevin Dennis is CEO of Field of Hope. He wrote this on behalf of Gallia Citizens for Prevention and Recovery.