National Nurses Week: The MCHD Nurses

By Leanne Cunningham, Sherry Hayman and Angie Rosler - Special to Times-Sentinel

Angie Rosler

Angie Rosler

Leanne Cunningham

Sherry Hayman

An integral service of the Meigs County Health Department (MCHD) is that of the Registered Nurse who, in public health, is specifically titled Public Health Nurse (PHN).

The MCHD employs three Registered Nurses who function as PHN’s. Our Director of Nursing (DON), Leanne Cunningham BSN, RN, CLC, and Sherry Hayman RN work full-time, and PHN Angie Rosler RN works part-time. The PHN’s job duty can vary greatly depending on the geographic area served and the specific needs of the county’s population. Meigs County’s PHNs have a relatively small population and, with limited levy funding, Meigs County’s PHN wear many hats and are cross-trained in the event the other(s) are not available. PHN services are offered from Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. unless otherwise announced.

My name is Leanne Cunningham, and I am the DON at the MCHD. I have worked for the MCHD for approximately 17 years having become the DON in October 2012. Over the years, additional positions in which I have served at the MCHD include: Newborn Home Visiting Nurse, Abstinence Education Nurse, Bureau for Children with Medical Handicaps (BCMH) Nurse, Immunization Nurse and WIC Director.

A graduate of Hocking (Technical) College and WVU, I have been a nurse for 30 years this fall. Some of my additional work history that has prepared me to serve as DON includes: medical-surgical floor, home health, the C-8 Project, nursing home and a residential home for people with developmental disabilities. Some of my current job duties include: plan, administer, and evaluate PHN operations on basis of current trends, needs and resources; write and ensure compliance with division policies/procedures; prepare and monitor program budget; develop statistical reports; coordinate and monitor multi-program activities; supervise and evaluate employees, including PHN’s, Community Health Worker(s) (CHW), and Public Health Emergency Preparedness Coordinator; establish and conduct in-services as needed; interview applicants and recommend or initiate promotions or disciplinary actions; train and orient new employees in agency policies/procedures/work activities; complete and/or delegate communicable disease reporting and follow-up through the Ohio Disease Reporting System (ODRS); train staff and others on Naloxone use; case manager for SIDS deaths; blood lead testing and follow-up; Medicaid Administrative Claiming Coordinator; vision Services case management; clinical duties as needed (blood pressure, immunization administration, head lice screenings, Hepatitis C and HIV Testing, etc.)

As you can see, I am very busy on a day-to-day basis. My work is not only challenging, but very rewarding. I love to work with and serve people and am very proud to offer my expertise to the residents of Meigs County.

Although I am not originally from Meigs County (having moved here when I was age nine), I consider Meigs County my home and always will. I am the daughter of Ron and Judy Clark of Racine. My husband Shawn and I live in Pomeroy and have two young adult children. During my free time, I enjoy reading, gardening, animal advocacy and spending time with my family and my animals (all of which are rescues).

My name is Sherry Hayman. I have been blessed to work at the MCHD for over 15 years now. I began in 1997 as a PHNB doing various duties and worked for a year in that capacity. Since then, I have served in several different capacities in the Head Lice Program and at the Meigs Dental Clinic where I was a dental assistant. In 2005, I was hired as the BCMH Nurse, but soon after the Reproductive Health Nurse position came open, and I started performing those duties. In April 2019, I was recognized for 15 years of service.

Currently, I work as a PHN. I am responsible for immunizations for children and adults, hepatitis and HIV testing, head lice checks, blood pressures, Narcan trainings, educating the public about vaccine preventable diseases and childhood diseases, among other things. For the Ohio Disease Reporting System, I am responsible for the Hepatitis B and C cases in Meigs County. I am also a certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS) through the Breathing Association and assist people with quitting smoking and tobacco use. In 2018, I completed billing classes through the AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) and am responsible for the billing of the services done through the health department.

I am Angie Rosler, a Registered Nurse and the face of the Children with Medical Handicaps (CMH) Program for Meigs County. I have enjoyed nursing in pediatric/adult acute care and home care setting prior to facilitating the CMH program on behalf of the MCHD. I found my passion for Pediatrics during my schooling and when my son was born prematurely, but received the push for education and knowledge when my Grandpa Williams was on his deathbed and I was powerless to help him. I now work to help families navigate unexpected chaos from a new diagnosis and costs accrued as they undergo testing and an array of appointments. As a mother of three ornery boys, I can empathize and offer a fresh prospective for parents.

In our “spare time”, my husband and I enjoy spending time with our boys and dogs, riding horses, raising our own food, and making “goat milk soaps”. Our family farm consists of cattle, horses, goats, and livestock guardian dogs in Columbia Township.

I may have graduated from Athens, but my roots run deep in Meigs County. I am a descendant of many well-known County contributors such as Larry Marshall (uncle), who served as the MCHD Health Commissioner from 2004-2014; Frank Vaughan (maternal grandfather), who was the Mayor of Pomeroy for many years; Nelson Story (paternal great, great, great uncle, who pioneered the Bozeman Trail (the basis for the movie ‘Lonesome Dove’) and was inducted to the Cowboy Hall of Fame; the Williams Family of Burlingham whose 1877 three-story hand-hewed barn stood until 2017 when it was torn down, and many others that are still volunteering their time for the best of those around them. I am proud to be carrying on this hard-working legacy to the families I serve.

If you have any questions about PHN services, please call the MCHD at 740-992-6626 or e-mail Leanne Cunningham at

Angie Rosler Rosler

Leanne Cunningham Cunningham

Sherry Hayman Hayman

By Leanne Cunningham, Sherry Hayman and Angie Rosler

Special to Times-Sentinel