On the ‘Heartbeat Bill’

Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter in regard to the Heartbeat Bill that our politicians in Ohio will be voting on soon. I do feel every woman should have the right to control her own body. Things happen, rape, incest and we should not be judging what a person wants to do in this position.

I do not believe in abortion, but I also know I am not to judge on this. A person who has an abortion will have to answer to our Heavenly Father, not I. We will all have to answer to God on what we have done and what we are doing now and in our future.

I do believe a person who does have an abortion will go through many trials in their life. We were put here on earth to help and take care of people in all situations. We are also told to forgive those who do wrong.

I can remember many years ago when it was illegal to have an abortion and many women faced many traumas and some death, because they were not in a hospital and the surroundings were not sterile. It is so terrible that we are still fighting this and if this bill is passed, we will be going backwards instead of forwards.

For all the people that say they want the law, are they going to care for the infant that is born to someone who is hurt from whatever happened to them? They will have this burden to live with the rest of their lives, but I do believe Jesus will forgive them if they truly ask for forgiveness.

We are blessed to have had Christ who was born and died and then rose for US all of US!

I really feel our politicians are too quick to judge. They do what the party says and do not listen to their constituents.

Karen Williams