Employee Sportlight: Sherry Eagle

By Sherry Eagle - Special to Times-Sentinel

Editor’s Note: As part of the Meigs Health Matters column, the Meigs County Health Department is introducing its employees through the employee spotlight each week. Each employee of the health department will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and the services they provide to the community via Meigs Health Matters articles throughout 2019.

My name is Sherry Richie Eagle and I am the WIC director with the Meigs County Health Department. I began my career with the health department 10 years ago as the WIC clerk. I continued to learn my job while finding interest in other positions and worked my way up as each new position became available. This job has been the most satisfying and rewarding job I have ever held. Being a lifelong resident of Meigs County makes it great pleasure to serve and give back to those whom I reside with on a daily basis. As the WIC director, I supervise four other employees and I’m responsible for all other duties including the writing and implementation of the WIC Grant. WIC is a supplemental nutrition program for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a baby less than 6 months old, infants 0-12 months and children up to five years old.

To qualify for WIC, you must live in Ohio, meet WIC income guidelines, and meet certain nutritional or health risks.

WIC provides an opportunity to meet with a health care professional to ask any questions you might have regarding nutrition education, immunizations and breastfeeding education and support.

You must recertify every six months and bring proof of income, proof of address, proof of identity for all family members applying for WIC, children’s shot record. If pregnant, a document showing your due date.

Please call us at 740-992-0392 to see if you qualify. We are looking forward to serving you.


By Sherry Eagle

Special to Times-Sentinel

Sherry Eagles is the WIC Director at the Meigs County Health Department.

Sherry Eagles is the WIC Director at the Meigs County Health Department.