God’s Kids Korner

By Ann Moody - Education Coordinator

It has been more than a week since we were celebrating, opening gifts, and eating a huge Christmas dinner. What is left of the Christmas celebration? A trash bag full of used wrapping paper and empty boxes?

The Christmas tree and all the decorations have been taken down and stored in the attic for another year. Christmas is over and our lives have returned to normal. It is back to work for the adults and back to school for the children. Yes, Christmas is over — at least for another year.

Wait! Is it really over? Is that all there is to Christmas? Is it just a time for parties, giving gifts to friends and family, and a brief period of “Peace on earth, good will toward men?” Surely there is more to it than that.

Our Bible reading today is from John 1: 1-18 and reveals the true meaning of Christmas. The Bible says that, “The Word became flesh and came to live among us.” The “Word” that the Bible is talking about is Jesus. He came, full of unfailing love, and we have seen His glory. We have seen the glory of God’s only begotten Son, born in a manger so many years ago. That Son grew up to save us from our bad behavior, so we could live with Him forever.

What did you get for Christmas? No doubt you received some toys and clothes, but the most important gift any of us received was Jesus who came to earth as a gift from God. To those who receive Him and believe in His name, He gave the right to become the children of God. Did you even realize that you and I are children of God?

Jesus came to the world, but many did not recognize Him then or now, as well. For those who do not know the Savior, Christmas is over. But for those of us who received the gift from the Father, Christmas goes on all year long.

Let’s pray to God. Heavenly Father, we thank You for Your love and for the gift of Your Son because it is through that gift that we also become Your children. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.


By Ann Moody

Education Coordinator

Ann Moody is coordinator of Christian education for First Presbyterian Church of Gallipolis.

Ann Moody is coordinator of Christian education for First Presbyterian Church of Gallipolis.