Letter to the Editor: On the President’s Day holiday…

Dear Editor,

One definitely to be honored this month is President Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States of America. Now if that’s not real history, I don’t know what would be. He accomplished so much during his time in service to the American people. What I really liked, that included the American people, was that on President’s Day he had all the living presidents come to the White House and had a panel discussion on the economy. I think that was so terrific. On President’s Day we do nothing, we have a day off, and we listen to hundreds and hundreds of furniture sales. I don’t get it. It seems to me that on President’s Day you would have a a presidential dinner for all living presidents and they should do something significant that would be an inspiration to the American people. If you would take a consensus of the American people whether we should do so, I am sure they would be in agreement. Presidents after their election become presidents of all the people, not just the president of their party, we voted for them because that’s what we thought they’d do, after all, that’s what they swear to do and we pray that God will help them to do just that. If not, God and the people will take them out of office. I’m just saying think about it and pray about it.

Nellie Ruby Taylor