Honoring Veterans

Honoring Veterans

Dear Editor,

Gene Armstrong, United States Army, Marvin Skaggs, United States Army, and Lana Hudson, United States Navy and United States Coast Guard, were recognized as the Veterans of the Month. These men and women were birthed into families who would serve the Armed Forces of the United States of America and families that carry the good news, we are grateful for these families.

It is evident that Gene Armstrong, Marvin Skaggs, and Lana Hudson, are helping to make our families strong and helping to maintain freedom, demonstrating fitness skills — you can see them walking scheduling camp, and vacation Bible schools for the community. You can also see them around the courthouse having prayer on world Prayer Day, providing educational facilities and camps for our communities, encouraging everyone to hold fast to their faith in God and our constitution to the highest level. We are proud of them for serving in the United States Armed Forces. We are most proud of them for the things they do in Gallia County. Just give them a thank you when you see them, let them know that you stand with them.

Each will receive a plaque for their Community Services in Gallia County and their names will be submitted to the Jim Marshall Veteran of the Year award.

Please submit your nominations for the veteran of the month award by calling 740-208-5024.

Nellie Ruby Taylor


Honoring Veterans