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Reader addresses zero-tolerance policy

Dear editor,

Everyone worldwide is affected by these droves of immigrants illegally trying to get into their country these immigrants are running running from drug gangs dictatorships poverty and of course in the mix crimes.

Everyone and every country would like to say we have a fix to the problem, we all hate to see children separated from their parents we hate to see people lock behind bars:

In America we need to look at all sides of the coin.

1. We need to decide are we going to have democracy or communism in our country — therefore the immigrants entering into our country must be willing to accept our constitution and our way of life (allegedly President Khrushchev was supposed to have said We will bury you we will rise up among you — does this prophecy mean we will have immigrants come into our country who do not accept our constitution but pretend to do so.)

2. How much credibility do these immigrants have when they were told they were not to try to enter illegally but they defied our laws, came with their children anyway — should we back down on our own laws and let them over rule our laws?

3. These immigrants who have defied our laws and came anyhow are costing us millions or billions of dollars just to listen to the debate from the American people and the Congress if we shall proceed and enforce our laws or back down and change our laws. In the meantime back at the ranch, it cost millions and perhaps billions of dollars for us to round up illegal selling of drugs in our country, to help our own homeless to get jobs, and payback into the economy. We children who are separated from their parents in America because of crimes and drugs. We have to take care of our own children at home first by extending Hands Across America to our own and then if we can afford and have the law and the money to extend Hands Across the world. We understand some countries can afford and have no laws to hinder them from coming in. Let’s put it this way if your children are homeless and on the streets separated from their parents and we have these immigrants who have deliberately came knowing we have laws forbidding them to come here illegally. Who would you want the government to spend the money on? Your children who are legally here homeless separated from their parents because of drugs etc.?

My heart goes out to those who leaving their countries seeking freedom, jobs, and new opportunities.

What shall we do? Look at all the facts, and these are not all of them, say a prayer and decide

Call your Congress people and let your President know where you stand and maybe collectively we will find a just and right solution.

May God help us, guide us, and provide for us a decision to accomplish that which is right and just in his eyes. May God bless you and may God bless America.

Nellie Ruby Taylor

Historian educator and evangelist

Gallipolis, Ohio

Reader addresses zero-tolerance policy