God’s Kids Korner: Mom’s Day!

Mom’s Day!

By Ann Moody - Pastor

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. It’s celebrated every year at this time. We all want to show our Moms that we love and care about them, but did you know that the Bible has many things to say about mothers? (And father’s also, but we’ll save that for Father’s Day next month.) Even one of the Ten Commandments says to honor your father and mother always in Exodus 20:12 and Deuteronomy 5:16, so God thinks that is VERY important for us to do.

There are several places in Proverbs too that talk about mothers and fathers. One is Proverbs 6: 20-23 where it says, “My son (daughters too) remember your father’s command and don’t forget your mother’s teaching. Remember their teaching always. Tie them around your neck and keep them over your heart. Let their teaching lead you wherever you go. It will watch over you while you sleep. And when you wake up, it will give you good advice. Your parents give you commands and teaching, so that you are like lights to show you the right way. This teaching corrects you and trains you to follow the path to life.”

Wow, did you ever stop to think why your mom may try so hard to teach you to love God, be nice to people, learn all you can at school, keep yourself clean, eat good foods, clean up after yourself, or correct you when you do wrong? Believe it or not, just like our heavenly Father, she LOVES you that much to want only good things for you. She knows that doing things in the right way by loving Jesus, others, and yourself, you will be the best person you can be. That isn’t always the easiest job to do, but she tries to do her best for you and your brothers and sisters.

Families come in all shapes and sizes but this is pretty much always true: Moms love their kids more than they even love themselves and would do anything to keep their children safe and healthy. Even Jesus, when He was on the cross, loved and remembered His Mom Mary. In John 19:27, as He was being crucified, He asked the Disciple John to take care of His mother after He died. And John did just that until Mary passed away years later. Jesus remembered His Father’s command to honor your father and mother even as He was on the cross.

This Sunday as you give Mom a card and/or a gift, stop and think about all that she does for your family and why she does it. God gave us mothers to love us and teach us about living a good life. Give her a BIG huge, tell her how much you love her, and say THANK YOU for caring about me! Then when you say your prayers, tell God THANK YOU for giving me my Mom! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms and those who love us like Moms!

Let’s say a prayer. Father, we seldom stop to think about all our Moms do for us and why they do it. Thank you for giving us Moms to show us a little glimpse of what Your love is like for us. Help us to remember and follow her teachings, so we can be the best people we can be. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Mom’s Day!

By Ann Moody


Ann Moody is pastor of Wilkesville First Presbyterian Church.

Ann Moody is pastor of Wilkesville First Presbyterian Church.