Letter to the Editor: Showing and returning respect during tragedy

Showing and returning respect during tragedy

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Shane Filkins family, I would like to express our awe and gratitude for the outpouring of support and expressions of respect and sympathy over this past week. We buried Shane this past cold and rainy Sunday afternoon. Those attending his visitation and funeral were too many to number and it is impossible to remember each and every one of you, but thank you all. I can’t mention each and every one who deserves some recognition at this time, but there are just a few that I would like to highlight. First, Scott Justus at Crow-Hussell funeral home. Your tender care of Shane and attention to each of the family’s needs made this time bearable. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. Second, Shane’s brotherhood of his fellow linemen — you came from all over and it is because of your support and respect, we were able to get through this. Third, AEP – the bucket truck arch and flag made an impression on us that we will never forget. Thank you as well. Finally, those special friends of Shane’s mother Kathy and his life partner Morgan – a special thanks for being there when we needed you. We have no way of knowing all that you did, but without you, we couldn’t have made it. Now, we continue to request respect for our privacy as we continue through our grieving process. We feel your prayers and they give us strength.

Keith Smith

Ashland, Ky.

Shane’s uncle and his mother’s brother

Showing and returning respect during tragedy