Reader takes issue with ‘gerrymandering’ letter

Reader takes issue with ‘gerrymandering’ letter

Dear Editor,

I’m writing in response to the letter “Reader wants an end to gerrymandering” published March 31 in your paper. We are living in an era of “fake news,” and now we have “fake letters.”

Ms. Williams accusations against Keith Faber are based on a “report” by a liberal special interest group that wants Democrat control of the Redistricting Commission. The report is based on hearsay, not facts. She also fails to mention she is the spouse of the Meigs County Democrat Party Chairman. This kind of political gamesmanship is exactly what Rep. Faber was addressing in his speech to the Meigs County Republican Party when he voiced his support for “districts that benefit the voters of the district rather than special interest groups.”

The truth is Keith Faber has been working to make Ohio’s process better. He helped craft the Constitutional Amendments to fix gerrymandering for both legislative and congressional districts, and fighting to ensure fairness for our local communities.


Daniel Lantz


Reader takes issue with ‘gerrymandering’ letter