Where does DeWine stand on Medicaid expansion?

Where does DeWine stand on Medicaid expansion?

Dear Editor,

Ohio’s Medicaid expansion has been a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of Ohioans, including many rural Ohioans who now have health insurance. But it’s not just patients who benefit under Medicaid expansion: The expansion is also critical to local jobs, particularly jobs connected to rural health care.

Holzer Health System, for example, is Gallia County’s largest employer. Without the Medicaid expansion, rural hospitals and health care providers would take a huge financial hit – jeopardizing not only people’s access to health care, but also jobs.

With so much at stake, one would think Ohio gubernatorial candidate Mike DeWine would take a firm stance on whether he supports continuing Medicaid expansion. Unfortunately, DeWine is refusing to make his position clear.

We can’t go back to the days when people had to choose between paying their mortgage or getting the health care they need. Ohio voters deserve to know exactly where Mike DeWine stands. Will he protect our health care and defend Medicaid expansion, or will he leave rural Ohioans behind?

Jenny Walker


Where does DeWine stand on Medicaid expansion?