Talking to yourself is absolutely okay

By Pastor Ron Branch



Do not tell Terry I told you about this—-but the woman talks to herself quite often. Recently, I found her talking to herself in the kitchen. She was doing our taxes. She verbally did the adding and subtracting. She read the instructions out loud. She fussed at the IRS. She argued about the unfairness of some tax accountabilities from her perspective.

I thought it was funny. When she saw me, she apologized for talking to herself.

But, the Bible being our instruction concerning things in life, talking to your self is an appropriate thing to do. Probably you who read this are thinking how this proves that people who live by the Bible are a brick short of a full load. But, if there is one thing that God does for His people is that He gives an upper hand on anything and everything that is involved with life.

Actually, though talking to and answering ourselves may seem silly, it amounts to a serious spiritual advantage that leads to peace and victorious results. We see and learn this from several Bible passages.

For example, one of the Psalmists said, “I call to remembrance my song in the night. I communed with my own heart, and my spirit made diligent search.” What he said was that he spoke to him self, and answered him self with what he knew would be spiritually uplifting to him.

Instead of saying everything was lost, he reassured him self of God’s presence. Instead of throwing up his hands and saying he was going to quit, his words to him self encouraged him to persevere in the face of his present adversity. Instead of crying he was up the creek without a paddle, he reasoned that with God everything was possible.

David practiced the same procedure, too. The Bible has the story that during a particular trying and discouraging time, David did some serious talking to him self. Early in his military career, the little town of Ziklag was under his command. He and his troops had family there, as well as personal possessions.

But, once while David and the troops under his leadership were absent, a certain military rival assaulted the town. All the families and possessions were captured and taken away.

The Scripture says that David’s men were so upset with David that they were on the verge of stoning him. He was as upset about the circumstances as they were. He could have reciprocated in anger toward God.

But, the Scripture says, “David encouraged him self in the Lord.” David engaged him self in conversation. When he asked himself what he needed to do, he spoke to him self the right things based on his faith in God. He reminded him self he knew that God was with him. He encouraged him self that he knew that God would give him the victory.

A simple statement sums it up, which says, “David recovered all.”

The Apostle Paul adds to this significant spiritual concept when he wrote, “Speaking to your selves in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your hearts to the Lord.” Certainly singing may be considered as speaking to your self.

But, notice when it seems your world is breaking down, when you feel as though you cannot go on and are at the end of your rope, it is what you say to your self in that moment which has the potential of making you or breaking you. It can destroy you or bless you. It is extremely important what you say to your self when you experience emotional or spiritual pain.

Actually, any time of heartache has more potential to simultaneously glorify God and edify our selves in the faith than at any other time. But, we blow it so often because we say the wrong thing to our self.

There is only one way in which to properly learn how to talk to your self and answer your self. Ask your self, “What does the Bible say to me right now?” Then, answer your self with an appropriate Scripture. You will usually experience peace and find victory.

Later, when Terry was back to talking to her self about the taxes, she referred to the words of Christ about rendering unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. When her tone eased, I thought to myself, “That’s my girl!”


By Pastor Ron Branch

Pastor Ron Branch lives in Mason County and ministers in the local area.

Pastor Ron Branch lives in Mason County and ministers in the local area.