Meigs Health levy aids all programs

Jinna Arnott

Dear editor,

The Meigs County Health Department is preparing to have a levy on Nov. 3. Here is one government entity that you can use every day.

I personally have had all my children’s immunizations, well child clinics and flu shots, as well as my own. This past November, I had my annual mammogram also provided at a low cost through a joint effort of our local health department and the James Cancer Hospital’s mobile unit.

At the urging of Courtney at the Health Department, I was sent to Columbus to the Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center, where a diagnostic mammogram showed a small mass. A lumpectomy was ordered while prepping for that procedure, an invasive area was found. Early detection and mastectomy saved my life. Had it not been for the Meigs County Health Department’s programs and Courtney’s reminders the outcome would’ve been much different.

Please stay involved with the Meigs County Health Department by supporting the levy — you or a loved one could be saved and everyone benefits — from newborns to senior programs.

Jinna Arnott


Jinna Arnott