Letter to the Editor: RIP American Legion

RIP American Legion

Dear Editor,

Yes, that’s right, the American Legion Lafayette Post #27 is dying (other veterans groups included). You are not surprised, I’m sure. You knew it was going to happen someday soon. The bad part is, the members know why.

Members don’t go to meetings, if they do they’re late. If the weather doesn’t suit them, don’t think about going. If they do attend a meeting, some find fault with the work of the officers and other members. Some members never accept office as it is easier to criticize than to do things. On the other hand, members get sore if they are not appointed on a committee, but if they are, do not attend committee meetings.

There’s more like, if asked by the chairman or commander to give their opinion on some matter, they tell him they have nothing to say. After the meeting tell everyone how things should be done. Then do nothing more than absolutely necessary, but when other members use their ability to help matters along, howl that the post is run by a clique.

The big one is, don’t bother helping or get new members, “let George do it.” Also “I’m too busy to do that.”

The sad thing is, the older members are dying off, and there’s no new young members to take the place of the older ones.

My condolences,

Charles E. Huber of Gallipolis, Ohio

Commander American Legion Lafayette Post #27

RIP American Legion