God’s Kids Korner : The first sin

The first sin

By Ann Moody - Pastor

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the first chapter of Genesis where God made the world and all that was in it including the first people. You have probably heard of them: Adam and Eve. Genesis, Chapter 3 tells us they lived in a beautiful place God had especially prepared for them – a garden with everything they would ever need. It was a wonderful place with every kind of plant, tree, food, water, and animal. They were to take care of it for God. The only rule was that there was one tree in the middle of the garden that God told them not to eat from or even touch. That was the ONLY rule they had to follow.

One of the animals that God created was very tricky – the serpent. He was clever and sly and up to no good. He asked Eve about that tree and why she and Adam could eat from every other thing there, just not that one tree. The serpent told her the reason was that God knew if they ate from it, they would become like God Himself. When Eve looked at the tree again, she saw how yummy its fruit looked, so she took a bite and then gave some to Adam. Then he took a bite too. Big mistake! Suddenly, everything changed! Both of them became embarrassed, shy, and hid in the bushes from God when He came looking for them later. God asked them why they were hiding from Him and if they had eaten from the forbidden tree. Well, yes, but Adam blamed it on Eve, and Eve blamed it on the serpent. (Do we ever blame others for our mistakes?)

God was very disappointed in them and sad, but He said since they had disobeyed Him, their lives were going to change dramatically. Now, you will have to leave this beautiful garden and work very hard to get the things you need He told them. You both will know what it is to be unhappy, and worst of all, someday you will both die. God said that He had made them from dust and to dust they would return. Then Adam and Eve had to leave the garden and go out into the big world, but God was with them still everywhere they went.

This is sort of a sad story, isn’t it? Adam and Eve gave up everything that day for the quick bite of a piece of fruit. They didn’t think ahead of the consequences of their actions. Because of this, we all suffer from their sin, and we tend to sin too. Always before we do something, remember to think it through. Is it something that is good, true, helpful, and loving? If it will hurt someone or something, then STOP, and think again about doing it. We don’t ever want God to be sad or disappointed in us. But remember too, if we do mess up, (and we will at times) always tell God you are sorry, and ask Him to forgive you and help you to do better the next time! That will make God very happy.

Let’s pray. Dear Father God, help us to think our actions through before we do them, so we will never hurt anyone, anything, or You. But is we do sin, help us to realize it and ask You to forgive and help us not to do it again. Thank You for never leaving Adam and Eve and us alone in this big world. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

The first sin

By Ann Moody


Ann Moody is pastor of Wilkesville First Presbyterian Church.

Ann Moody is pastor of Wilkesville First Presbyterian Church.