Operating in the black

Every four years we have the privilege of electing the leader of our nation, the President of the United States of America. As a person who protects our business and our Constitution we have millions of businesses in our country and are thriving as “One Nation under God.” The owner of our business is God. We can easily refer to (Genesis 1) “In the beginning God created the Heaven and Earth, and (Psalms 24; 1) the earth is the Lords and fullness thereof, the world and everything in it.”

Every business has a owner. The worth of our owner is priceless because he owns the world and everything in it. The conditions and rules of our operation are to be one “Nation under God.” Each individual, regardless of the many diverse buildings of faith they may attend pledge to the owner. “We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect union.” You may refer to the Preamble to the Constitution we will stand by and up for our faith and our constitution.

We as church members pledge to obey God’s word, to love the Lord our God and put Him first, giving according to His word (Malachi 3:8) or (1 Cor 16:1) He also requires us to give (lend) unto the poor, and He states He will repay you for He is responsible for all of us and requires us to help each other and He will pay us back, “for you lendeth unto the Lord” also to visit the fatherless children, help the homeless, and give clothing to the destitute. To be successful as individual, business or a nation. We need to adhere to the rules of the owner to operate in the black.

You might not want to do what the owner states in His word, but you can’t fire Him! Because the earth is the Lord’s and the world and everything in it.

What other benefits are available to operate your business in the black under the owner?

1.) You may consider asking yourself “How much is my soul worth?” You would have a successful business and peace of mind, knowing that your success has come honestly from hard work. You must be reminded in the beginning we didn’t have to work but we were fired for insubordination that is for not obeying the owner rules, so He fired us, and sentenced us to hard work all the days of our life (by the sweat of our brow). But we should want to be successful and trust and obey the owner. We should want to treat our workers with respect and pay them fair wages and we should not discriminate against any. You should pay taxes owed to the different entities that is required of you.

2.) But the best thing you did was realize that God owned your soul, the earth, the world and everything that is in it; and that He exhaled (breathe into your nostril the breath of life) and your become a living soul, and he can inhale and take you home (back to the dust from which you came). Therefore, you made a personal conversation with God about his salvation plan for your life and soul. So you obeyed his plan and received Him as to come just as you are.

Thank you and may God bless you, and may God bless America.

By Ruby Taylor

Contributing columnist

Ruby Taylor lives in Gallia County. She’s an author, artist, poet and evangelist.