Who stands to gain from division?

Dear Editor,

Who stands to gain from division of our people? What is their agenda and why. For over eight generations various statues, plaques and monuments have stood which depict our collective national history. For over 11 generations, the 1st Amendment protecting right of peaceful assembly and speech has guarded the nation. Now that the smoke has cleared we are learning several things.

A permit for peaceful assembly was granted to a group protesting the possible removal of Confederate monuments in a southern town. They were there to defend their shared history as peacefully allowed by our constitution.

We know that the police (under whose order?) unlawfully revoked that permit yet allowed two hate groups to attend (again under whose orders) and attack the first group without issuing a permit. The investigation as to who set up the counter-demonstration, who paid whom and why is under way. The answers will not be pleasant but we must learn from them. Of course the lone sick person who killed a woman with a vehicle must be tried and must be dealt justice by a jury. But tragic as that death was, it is not the larger issue.

I do not support the KKK, BLM or anti fa or any of the hate groups which are actually terrorist – fascist in nature. The KKK is a hate group.

We know BLM has killed police, burned buildings, threatened and assaulted people today and incited riots. Anti fa is using the same playbook.

But the fundamental and undeniable truth is all lives matter.

That is the bottom line. That is the premise and foundation of our country.

The answer is education, freedom to pursue liberty and prosperity not destruction and entitlement without contribution.

The answer is tolerance and civil discourse not rioting and looting and death. The answer is respect for others of different opinions and backgrounds.

The answer is respect for those who have sworn to protect us, be they police, firemen, EMS, the armed forces, not in ambushing helpless people. Let’s see who really was behind this and let’s stamp out domestic hate groups in their insidious forms. Let’s see which of our “leaders” besides the President has the audacity to declare these hateful groups wrong on both sides and get on with the process of healing the USA, not dividing it.

I applaud the President for having the courage to declare the obvious. So now let’s call out the media as well as the purveyors of hate when they seek to divide us, they should not get a free pass and must pay for the damage they are doing today. Let’s build our future without tearing down our history lest we become the pawns in an Orwellian future.

Keith Shirley

Leon, W.Va.