Letter to Editor: First responders make a difference

First responders make a difference

Recently my wife passed away in her sleep and I would like to let the community at large know just what kind of EMS & Sheriff Department personnel we have in this county. The 1st thing I did was to call 911 and the dispatcher answered at once. He was professional, considerate, & kind. The first responder was a Deputy Sheriff with a squad and 2 responders following shortly there after. The Deputy was everything that you would want in such a time of need. He followed the procedures that I am sure that has been promoted by the Sheriff and the State of Ohio when dealing with the death of a person but, procedures did not retract from his humanity and this showed throughout the process. He even interfaced with the coroner so as to lessen the amount of detail that I needed to recount to him. I had already gone over the events of the morning several times and he helped to lessen my pain. He even offered to stay with me as long as I felt he was needed. Deputy Griffin, thank you so much, you made a terrible morning bearable. To the ladies on the squad, you were kind and professional. Thank you as well.

In a day and age when first reponders are taken for granted and Law Enforcement personnel are at risk, we can be proud of the men and women of our county, who come to our aid (and at times risk their lives for us).

Danny Will


First responders make a difference