Senior holiday health tips

By Pamela K. Matura - Contributing columnist



Can you believe it is the Holiday season already?

And although the season typically brings about joy, fun and fellowship, it can also create sadness and stress for individuals. Seniors sometimes find this time of the year particularly challenging to stay healthy due to the busy nature of the season and may find the time of the year a trigger for feeling the blues.

We found some good tips at ( to help seniors stay healthy during the holidays. More details can be found on the internet link.

1.) Make Healthy Choices – Try not to overindulge.

2.) Stay Hydrated – Drinking water is very important to staying healthy.

3.) Follow Dietary Restrictions – Stick to your special diet if you are on one.

4.) Drink in Moderation – Drinking alcohol with certain medications can have adverse side effects.

5.) Keep Exercising – Bring your outdoor exercise activities indoors with some creativity.

6.) Shake Up Traditions – Pass along traditions such as hosting a dinner or family party to a younger relative to free yourself up from added stress.

7.) Decrease Gifts – Have a family grab bag to decrease the stress of financial challenges during the holiday season.

8.) Rest After Traveling – If traveling, be sure to take the appropriate time of resting after you have arrived to your destination.

9.) Make Homes Accessible – Be mindful of hazards in your home for family members who are visiting who might have a risk of falling.

10.)Take Breaks – If you plan an all-day outing, make sure to set aside some time for a nap or rest in between.

11) Stay Involved – Even if traditions have changed or plans have changed up from previous years, make sure to involve older relatives by asking them for help with cooking a favorite dish or helping to decorate.

During the Holiday season, we also encourage families to pay particular attention to situations that might alert you to a decline in health – maybe it is a family member, a special friend, or neighbor. If so, perhaps they might need some help and assistance to remain safe and independent at home? Our Agency is here to help you find resources in your community that may be available.

The Area Agency on Aging District 7 is available to provide information and answer questions about a number of care needs and options that are available. After speaking with one of our specially-trained staff members concerning your family member’s needs, an in-home consultation to assess your loved one’s situation can be provided at no cost to identify risks and determine what assistance or preventive measures could improve their quality of life. Call toll-free at 1-800-582-7277.


By Pamela K. Matura

Contributing columnist

Pamela K. Matura is Executive Director Area Agency on Aging District 7.

Pamela K. Matura is Executive Director Area Agency on Aging District 7.